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About Us

Discover Kassis Therapeutic Care, your reference inmassage therapy hasLongueuilon thesouth shore of Montreal. Our team of massage therapists certified welcomes you to a space where well-being and professional competence come together for an unparalleled therapeutic experience.

We specialize in a variety of massage techniques designed to meet your specific health and relaxation needs. If you are looking for athai massagetraditional to release tension and find bodily harmony, or aeffective lymphatic drainage To stimulate your immune system and purify your body, you are in the right place. Our expertise also extends tofoot reflexology, an age-old practice which aims to rebalance your vital energy by stimulating the reflex points corresponding to different organs and parts of the body.

Each massage therapist at our center in Longueuil is committed to providing personalized and attentive service, guaranteeing not only deep relaxation but also a step towards lasting well-being. At Soins Thérapeutiques Kassis, we don’t just treat symptoms; we work to restore balance and revitalize your entire being.

Come live the Kassis experience, where the excellence of our massage therapists, our mastery of lymphatic drainage, Thai massage and foot reflexology in Longueuil, will ensure you find the inner peace and physical comfort that you deserve. Make an appointment today and begin your journey to optimal health and deep relaxation.

Our team

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