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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a biomechanical massage that consists of long, fluid movements with a certain pressure that varies according to the clients' needs. This pressure allows you to relax and relax while working on muscular tension, which helps the body regain its natural balance.

​Massage Physiotherapy​

   Physiotherapy treats muscular and joint problems such as tendonitis, periarthritis, lumbago, back pain, stiff neck, herniated discs, osteoarthritis.

Therapeutic massage
Lymphatic drainage
A very gentle treatment with very light and slow pressure but which has a very powerful effect on the proper functioning of the body and rebalances our immune system.  
  Excellent for heavy legs, circulation problems, edema, sleep and all problems affecting our internal systems (respiratory, digestive, etc.).

Reflexology ​of the feet

   Reflexology (related to shiatsu or acupuncture) consists of exerting sustained pressure, with the fingertips, on reflex points located on the feet, hands and ears which correspond to organs.

​Hot Stone Massage

   Massage with basalt and marble stones has physiological effects of relaxation and detoxification.



​Back care

Back treatments are used to cleanse, oxygenate, hydrate and decongest the skin, finishing with a relaxing massage.

​Facial care

This facial treatment will restore radiance, beauty and suppleness as well as an unforgettable experience combined with a face, head and neck massage and aromatherapy.

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